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Groupe Ergo Ressources is pleased to offer you various training programs in occupational therapy and ergonomics to enable you to return to work safely.

Desktop Ergonomics: How to Set Up a Computer Workstation

This training allows participants such as managers, health and safety resource persons and office employees and workers to be informed of the various musculoskeletal discomforts associated with office work, to detect problems of an ergonomic nature and to determine basic preventive and corrective solutions.

Learning Ergonomic Principles of Lifting and Handling: A New Environment- Centered Approach

According to research (Denis D et al., 2011), training developed according to the reality of office employees and workers and the specificities of their environment (tasks, physical environment, productivity, etc.) showed better results for prevention than generic training.

What Are the Functional Impacts of a Mental Health Disorder and Tips on Facilitating an Employee's Reintegration into the Workplace: An Occupational Therapist's Perspective

Occupational therapy occupies an important place in the rehabilitation of office employees and workers with a mental health disorder such as major depression or adjustment disorder. The purpose of this training is to educate business managers about the medical aspects of a mental health disorder and its implications for the person's physical, cognitive and emotional abilities.

Afterwards, participants can learn tools to facilitate the integration of a worker and ensure the success of the return-to-work plan.

Groupe Ergo Ressources is a training organization accredited by EMPLOI-QUÉBEC. CONTACT US today to take advantage of our training courses.

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