Rehabilitation Solutions for Employers, Office Employees and Workers

Services for Office Employees and Workers

A gradual return to work can be effective therapy in itself. We accompany the worker and then use progressively more difficult tasks from his regular work to help him regain his abilities, manage his residual symptoms and lessen his fears, for example.

For the following problems:

  • Back, neck, shoulder pain, tendonitis

  • Hand trauma

  • Major depression

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Anxiety

  • Head trauma

  • Cancer

  • Etc.

We propose these solutions:

  • Development of capacities (physical and/or cognitive) in order to promote a safe and sustainable return to work

  • Evaluation of the work capacities allowing to objectively know what the employee or worker can do

  • Evaluation of the capacities in relation to cognitive functions

  • A temporary assignment that can be used as effective therapy; we accompany the individual and use the tasks of his regular work to help him regain his abilities, manage his residual symptoms and reduce his fears, for example

  • Workplace assessment by an occupational therapist or ergonomist to give advice on improving posture and comfort at work and avoiding injuries or relapses

  • Orthotics: for hand injuries and to relieve structures or help them regain their proper position

  • Decrease in muscle tension

  • Pain reduction in physiotherapy

  • Increase in strength and mobility

  • Teaching of good postures

  • Intervention to assist in chronic pain management

  • Intervention by a psychologist and/or occupational therapist for people with a mental health condition

  • Assessment of physical condition by a kinesiologist and development of a personalized fitness program

Employer Services

To get your office employees and workers back to work and reduce expenses related to occupational illnesses as well as accidents or medical leave, we offer the following ergonomic and occupational therapy solutions:

  • Workstation assessment

  • Ergonomic consultation

  • Recommendation regarding work reorganization to optimize the gradual return to work and promote successful reintegration

  • Support in determining tasks during the temporary assignment (adapted to the individual to foster a quick, safe return to regular work)

  • Support and encourage office employees and workers (through teaching and reassurance) returning to work, to ensure a sustainable return

  • Task bank

  • Assessment of work capacities

  • Pre-hire assessments

  • Legal expertise mandates

  • Training

Services to People Referred by Paying Agencies (Private or Public)

At Groupe Ergo Ressources, our goal is to improve the physical and/or mental abilities of people on disability in order to promote a quick, sustainable and safe return to work.

For the following problems:

  • Back, neck, shoulder pain, tendonitis

  • Hand trauma

  • Burnout / major depression

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Depression, anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Head trauma

  • Cancer

  • Etc.

First line services

Our first line services include individual, paired, or group sessions depending on the person's needs. We optimize the type of session while taking needs into account, in order to respect the available budget.

All of our occupational therapists are trained to deal with psychosocial factors, if any are present, right from the first line of care. Our physiotherapists are trained to detect cases at risk of becoming chronic, or psychosocial factors.

Our first line services include:

  • Task-based or functional rehabilitation to improve physical and/or cognitive difficulties

  • Physiotherapy treatments

  • Orthotic: For Hand Injuries

  • Specific treatment for hand diagnosis

  • Intervention in occupational therapy for chronic pain management and psychosocial factors

  • Intervention in mental health, occupational therapy and/or kinesiology

  • Intervention in psychology* for a mental health disorder

Second line services

Our second-line services include:

  • Assessment of work or functional capabilities: expertise mandate or regular mandate

  • Therapeutic return to work

  • Workstation evaluation

  • Visit to decide on a program or to determine flexibility

  • Orthotics

  • Work capacity development program: interdisciplinary program for return to work including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and psychology*

It is possible to adapt our interdisciplinary program in order to offer something more personalized than the traditional program according to the needs of the client, if necessary.

* Services available at selected locations only


Home Support Service

We have a team that has the expertise needed for home support cases. Occasionally an accident or illness prevents the return to work in such a way that return to work is not feasible in the short, medium and sometimes long term. Our team has the expertise to facilitate the accomplishment of everyday activities through the adaptation of the home and the recommendation of technical aids to assist in daily life, as well as knowledge of the public home support network.

The home support service is available in all our clinics.

Our home support services include:

  • Home adaptation privately or through the PAD program: major and minor needs

  • Assessment of personal assistance needs

  • Follow up on equipment / technical aids, wheelchair, mattress, scooter, etc.

  • Management of wounds and positioning

  • Assessment of the ability to drive a road vehicle

  • Assessment of specific functional capacities: assessment of capacities within the framework of an expertise mandate to decide on the capacities to carry out personal care activities and domestic activities

  • Serving as an expert in case of challenge regarding the amount awarded for personal assistance needs

Our team has solid expertise in mental health, psychosocial factors and chronic pain. We are known for handling complex cases, among others. We are participating in several rehabilitation research projects as a means to remain always at the forefront of knowledge and to back our interventions up by scientific literature.

Here are some of the research projects we are involved in.


Validation of the questionnaire on obstacles to getting back to work and feelings of ability to overcome those obstacles, for office employees and workers with musculoskeletal disorder or transient mental disorder.
2011-2016 (completed)

Involvement of Groupe Ergo Ressources:

  • Recruit office employees and workers who meet the inclusion criteria

  • Administer the tool to clients

Project RÉADAP +

Study of the psychometric qualities of the work disability identification tool used with office employees and workers with a musculoskeletal disorder or a common mental disorder.

Involvement of Groupe Ergo Ressources:

  • Recruit office employees and workers who meet the inclusion criteria

  • Administer the tool to clients

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