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Adapted Coverage

Groupe Ergo Ressources offers a range of personalized services in the field of rehabilitation at work following an illness or accident. Our services are covered by the following organizations.

CNESST (formerly CSST)

Compensation component: This is the first stage of services covered by the CNESST. Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services are provided free of charge. You must have a doctor's prescription and have completed the worker's claim. Bring us the documents and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Rehabilitation component: When an advisor is assigned to your case, he or she will draw up a rehabilitation plan to help you through the process. This plan is based on your needs and the notes in your case file. Your advisor is your ally.

The CNESST, like you, has your successful rehabilitation at heart. It has therefore set up an in-house network of stakeholders to coordinate care when required. It can call on a number of different services (such as occupational therapy or psychology) to help you in your process. These services are fully covered by them.

Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation (SAAQ)

Compensation component: For physiotherapy, you will be entitled to a certain number of treatments absolutely free of charge. If you need more, the physiotherapist must apply to the SAAQ, which will give authorization or not, following an analysis of your case. You need a medical prescription to get the services for free. Bring us your prescription and we will take care of making the application for you. 

Your doctor may also prescribe occupational therapy. This works a little differently from physiotherapy. After an assessment, the occupational therapist will develop an intervention plan to be submitted to the SAAQ and your doctor. Following examination of the file, the SAAQ may give authorization.

The SAAQ can also ask for an evaluation to see if it is possible to help you. The SAAQ has the same goal as the CNESST, which is to help you go as far as possible in your rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation component: An adviser will be assigned to you according to certain criteria. Your advisor will establish a rehabilitation plan and will get you the services required for your condition.

At Groupe Ergo Ressources, these services are provided to you without charge.

Private Insurance

There are three possible ways to get services covered by your private insurance.

Group Insurance for Paramedical Expenses

Each employer has purchased a different package, so check your employee guide. Services can be combined, usually with maximum insurability (e.g., occupational therapy and physiotherapy maximum $800 per year) or separate (e.g., occupational therapy $500 and physiotherapy $500).

Employee Assistance Program

This is completely different coverage from your group insurance. Often, psychology services are offered under this coverage, but there may also be other services. Ask your employer or the EAP program directly for help.

Disability Insurance

When you are on medical leave, depending on certain criteria specific to each insurer, you may have an advisor assigned to you. Like at the CNESST and the SAAQ, the advisor will establish a rehabilitation plan and mandate external professionals to carry out certain portions of the plan.

Groupe Ergo Ressources provides rehabilitation services to all private insurers as well as to CNESST and the SAAQ. We have many years of experience in the field of work rehabilitation and a long relationship of trust with our referring clients.

You’re Not Eligible for Any of the Above?

We also thought of you. Our prices are very competitive. Why are they so competitive? Because we opt for high-quality professionals rather than fancy premises, we work in a very plain setting.

Did you know that all health care services with or without medical prescriptions are partially tax deductible if they exceed a certain threshold of your eligible earnings?

You can combine medical expenses for your entire family. Good financial planning can make sense when you need uninsured health care. Follow this link for more information.

If your budget is limited, do not hesitate to talk to your practitioner. He or she will be able to look at the different possibilities open to you.

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