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That’s just the way you are: if someone needs help, you take action! But sometimes the situation is a bit too complex. That's where we can help you. We recognize your primary role with the child who is building his or her foundations, and we are simply working alongside you!

Groupe Ergo Ressources makes various programs and resources available to teachers, educators and professionals in the world of children.

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It’s urgent!

Is one or more children giving you a hard time? Call us! Describe the case and we will give you tips and general guidelines to support the child. This one-time counseling service is offered free of charge (30 minutes or less) for schools and daycare centres within a 20-kilometer radius of one of our branches.

Do you need us to be there? We will be there!

We will make a summary evaluation of the children you mention, and we will give you tips to support these children. This consulting service is offered in the form of a package including observations, analysis of questionnaires and meetings with teachers and/or educators.

Stimulation and Screening Programs

These programs offer a variety of activities designed to provide the foundation for learning. Groups are held in your environment and our programs extend over a period of 8 weeks or more. These programs can be combined with conferences on different themes covered in the program.

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Good Captain

The overall objective of this program is to put in place the sensory-motor foundations necessary for the integration of school learning and the development of autonomy, organizing tasks and acquiring better control over behaviour. 

This program includes exciting activities where fun is front and centre. It also allows us to screen children at risk.

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A Better Hand for Tomorrow

Here we are, finally ready to move our fingers over a sheet of paper while holding this instrument that is so hard to control: the pencil. 

This program works on the various skills required for handwriting, but also on other subjects such as reading and mathematics. We help the children through games stimulating the basic skills and integrating the eyes and mouth along with fine and gross motor skills. The integration of academic notions is carried out according to the age of the children. Our professionals offer children a variety of ways to facilitate their learning.

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On the Attention Highway

The general objective of this program is to allow children ages 8 and older to better understand their sensory mode of operation in order to self-regulate or modify their level of alertness by means of tools and procedures involving sensory systems.

The program also aims to enable the classroom teacher to better understand this way of functioning and to see the behaviour of the children from another angle. We want to equip the teacher, as manager of the group, to encourage certain practices that promote the achievement of the most functional motor speed.

By carrying out the normal activities of class, but with a different sensory environment, the pupil will get to better understand and see what helps him or her to concentrate and what, on the contrary, leads to inattention.

Don’t hesitate to GIVE US A CALL at Groupe Ergo Ressources to take advantage of our programs.

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