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At Groupe Ergo Ressources, we go beyond interventions. With a fine writing style and a desire to share her knowledge and talent, Sonya Côté has published a few reference books on occupational therapy.

Cover page of the book Trop de stimuli pour Alexis

Trop de stimuli pour Alexis

Alexis is a smart and playful little boy who, like all children, loves to laugh and have fun. However, in his case, play and excitement lead to disorganization that he cannot control. He reacts excessively, turning into a tornado or having tantrums. In addition, Alexis sometimes reacts disproportionately to certain stimuli – such as background noise, bright lights or uncomfortable clothing – things that have no effect on his friends. 

Is Alexis hyperactive? Not at all! He is a hypersensitive child, that is, he perceives certain stimuli much more intensely than most people. Hence the importance of providing him with tools that will enable him to prevent and manage situations that are potentially difficult for him. 

Trop de stimuli pour Alexis is a story written for the hypersensitive child, his family and his entourage, that will help the child feel better about his specificity and help others better understand and better manage this child’s excessive reactions. 

An informative section written by an occupational therapist for parents and educators provides concrete and practical tools to help the hypersensitive child function more harmoniously.

Already in its second printing, although it was first published only in 2012, this book is essential for explaining the situation to a hyper-reactive child in order to help him better understand himself.

Cover page of the book Favoriser l’attention par des stratégies sensorielles

Favoriser l’attention par des stratégies sensorielles

What happens when an occupational therapist looks into the attention problems of students, including those with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity or a sensory information processing disorder? The result is an original text, offering a new approach to overcome these difficulties.

Sonya Côté presents the perspective of occupational therapy on attention difficulties in the classroom in a highly readable style. She offers pre-school and primary school teachers concrete sensory strategies to help students manage stimuli in their environment so that they are more willing to learn. 

Favoriser l’attention par des stratégies sensorielles deals with attention, sensory system and sensory integration difficulties. Using examples and case studies, the author shows how hyper-reactivity and hypo-reactivity are related to various attention problems, while equipping teachers to be able to recognize them on a daily basis. She suggests ways to adapt the environment as well as simple strategies to facilitate the integration of different sensory systems. Finally, she presents sensory tools, sequences of movements and playful activities, all intended to promote attention. 

In light of this book, you will find that it is possible to meet the needs of all students by respecting their particular sensory type, so that they reach their full potential.

Released in February 2016, Favoriser l’attention par des stratégies sensorielles is one of the only books in French on the subject!

Cover page of the book Babou à la maison

The Babou Collection

Babou is a collection of educational notebooks promoting the overall development of the preschool child.

Produced by a multidisciplinary team of early childhood professionals, the Babou collection uses games and stories to stimulate the learning of language, logic, notions of time and space, the alphabet and numbers, motor skills, creativity and imagination.

Babou is a curious and very engaging little monkey. With his friends Émile and Clara, he accompanies the child in his learning and his discoveries.

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