Deducting Costs for Rehabilitation and Solutions


Whether you have an official diagnosis or not – you are entitled to deductions! Are you afraid of not having the means to cover professional expenses for your child? Don’t give up, concrete solutions exist!

At Groupe Ergo Ressource, we looked into this problem. We found several resources – here are some of them.

Tax Deductions

Many people are entitled to deductions, especially when we plan the services to maximize them! Indeed, our therapy services, whether your child has an official diagnosis or not, are eligible for tax deductions if the total amount exceeds a certain threshold. It’s smart to plan these services ahead to get the most out of the available deductions. Here is an example.

A Concrete Example

At Groupe Ergo Ressources, we understand the importance of organizing interventions financially. Rigorous planning helps optimize the portion of your budget you spend on your child’s treatments.
Here is an example of the net cost of services in cases where a tax deduction can be taken, i.e. when the expense reaches 3% of net family income.

Little Samuel needs occupational therapy for a full year. He therefore obtained a standard evaluation; his treatments are spread over 40 weeks. Not all children require as much frequency as Samuel.

In this example, we calculate that Samuel's parents are eligible for $500 in occupational therapy insurance.

The total cost including Samuel's assessment is $4,315 for the year. When the insurance portion is subtracted ($500), the invoice amounts to $ 3,815 (gross cost).

For this amount, a household earning $125,000 or less would be eligible for a tax credit. This would provide a net cost of 67.5% of the cost of the interventions. Therefore, the cost to parents would be $2,575.13, which is $1,239 less than the initial gross cost and $1,739 less than the actual cost of the treatments (including insurance).

This is an approximate example since there can be several other variables. This demonstrates the importance of good planning. Especially when experience shows that sustained treatments are more effective than sporadic treatments.


The President's Choice Foundation offers parents of a child with special needs grants of up to $2,500. More than 2,000 families have benefited so far! Why not yours? Apply today.

For Parents Who Have Employee Insurance

All insurance programs cover occupational therapy. If you don’t have it, that would be because your employer chose not to include it in the package. Ask your employer to add occupational therapy. It's doable, sometimes at no extra cost!

More and more employers are opting for maximum insurance coverage, which can be very helpful when your child needs a lot of care.

For Construction Employees

The Commission de la construction du Québec Employee Assistance Program offers 12 free sessions of occupational therapy per year to the children of their insureds. Click here for more information.


There are many foundations in Quebec. An Internet search brings up a whole range of offers. All have specific criteria to provide support to families. The nature of the assistance provided varies a great deal, but you can find, at the very least, some respite and comfort. Visit our Useful Links page to begin your search.


When parents have to give up or postpone treatment due to lack of money, we are devastated too to have to give up on the progress of their struggling child. This is why we insist: do not hesitate to talk about your financial situation with our therapists and our administrative staff. They will be able to adapt to what you can offer your child.

Finandicap, a financial services firm dedicated to people with disabilities and their loved ones, can help you budget and find ways to fund services by maximizing the resources available to you. 

Fees are charged for their services.

Another Way to Give

Your family can make a difference helping a child with special needs. How? By offering treatments as gifts, you invest in their well-being and their future. We see more and more grandparents accompanying and even paying for treatment costs.


You can also raise money. Take the first step, for yourself or for another family!

Ask for help. You will discover that most people want to do a good deed without necessarily knowing what. Visit our blog to see some easy fundraising ideas (in French only).

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